The OpenDengue project

OpenDengue is a project run by researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine that aims to address a key gap health data analytics for dengue.

Our goal

To build and maintain a freely available globally comprehensive database of historical and current dengue case data at the highest spatial and temporal resolution possible.

The challenge

While many countries regularly publish dengue case statistics, they can often be difficult to find and no single database aggregates data from multiple countries to assess trends at the global level. While important progress has been made with platforms like project TYCHO and the PAHO PLISA system, such databases only cover specific countries or do not include the historical data that is so important for understanding long term trends. Locating, extracting, processing and standardising data all takes time but is essential to enable re-use and re-analysis

How you can help

We are continually adding new data to the OpenDengue repository. If you are aware of publicly available data that we have not yet found, please contribute or get in touch.


OpenDengue is run the Dengue Mapping and Modelling Group at LSHTM. We are a group of modellers, epidemiologists and public health practitioners who use data to give new insights into the burden, spread and containment of mosquito-transmitted diseases. We are part of the Centre for Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases.

Key individuals include:


The OpenDengue project is supported by a research grant from the UK Medical Research Council UK Medical Research Council (Grant number: MR/V031112/1).


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